The Guild of St. Stephen, Brentwood Diocese, is one of many such Guilds throughout Great Britain and indeed the World.

The Guild’s function is to bring boys and girls, men and women to a fuller understanding of the Mass by encouraging them to participate more closely by their service at the Altar. It also aims to maintain the standards and traditions surrounding the Mass which have been in place for many centuries.

It is a comforting thought, that due to the different time zones throughout the world, there is hardly ever a time (and possibly never a time) when the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not being offered for the salvation of the world (“et pro vobis et pro multis”).

The Guild has an Archconfraternity in Westminster Cathedral, London. The Westminster branch of the Guild is privileged to call itself an “Archconfraternity”, since it has been granted certain privileges by the Church Authorities in Rome.

There are 104 affiliated churches in the Brentwood Diocese.  For a full list follow this link.



A big thank you for all the work and dedication of the Clergy and Altar Servers for keeping the Guild going during the Covid epidemic. Now that it is abating please return to the Sanctuary as soon as possible.