The Guild Medal

Guild Medal

This photograph of the Guild Medal has been colour enhanced to emphasise the various elements of the medal.



There are four elements to the medal:

1. In the centre of the medal are the letters P and X superimposed one on the other. In the Greek language, these are the first two letters of the name Christ . It is significant that these letters are placed in the centre of the medal, for it reminds us that as servers Christ should be placed at the centre of our lives.

2. Surrounding the letters PX is the Guild Motto – “Cui Servire Regnare Est”. Translated from the Latin this reads – “Who Serves, Reigns.” The motto reminds us that if we are faithful to Christ at His altar and in our daily lives, then we are assured of reigning with Him in heaven.

3. At the bottom of the medal suitably coloured green are palm branches, traditional signs of martyrs – men and women who died witnessing to the truth that Jesus taught them. These branches remind us that at sometime in our lives we too may have to suffer for the Truth.

4. Suitably placed at the top of the medal is the “Crown of Eternal Glory” the reward of the martyrs and all who have endeavoured to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus

The Guild Medal comes in three different metals, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each metal denotes a different length of service as follows:

The Bronze Medal – This is normally presented to the servers after their probationary year.

The Silver Medal – This is presented to a server who has normally completed ten years continuous service.

The Gold Medal – This is presented to a server having completed 50 years continuous service.